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Welcome Rosi Racing
Your specialist of the catalytic converter of competition

For many years, all automotive professionals have known the ROSI brand as the benchmark for quality exhaust parts and high performance.

Our passion for cars has always driven us to develop high-end catalytic converters to fully meet the requirements of our customers and partners.

Thanks to our technological expertise dedicated to metal substrate catalytic converters, we are able to offer a complete range, approved and targeted for motorsports: Rosi Racing.

Discover catalytic converters designed to win fast !

Rosi Racing news Rosi Racing news
From 2013, the catalysts Rosi Racing will be engraved their registration number FFSA.
100 cpsi catalytic convertersi 100 cpsi catalytic converters
The 100 cpsi Rosi Racing catalytic converter range is specifically designed for automobile track racing or closed road racing. Used by the greatest teams… >>
Approved FIA/FFSA Approved FIA/FFSA
To provide race drivers and mechanics with regulation compliant catalytic converters, Rosi has implemented an effort to certify its 100 cpsi range with FIA/FFSA… >>
Logistics Logistics
To get ready for your next season, our factory inventory includes large quantities for each part reference. Rosi Racing logistics department delivers anywhere in France...>>
R&D R & D
For Rosi Racing investing in R&D has always been a priority; our engineers work closely with large teams to develop the best possible solutions… >>
operation Operation
Your catalytic converter reduces emissions of three pollutants: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons; these emissions are converted into... >>